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Enhance Showroom Showcases: QueuePro Mini 250

Jake Hoff

Enhance Showroom Showcases: QueuePro Mini 250

Innovation and excellence remain at the core of our mission, driving us to continually redefine crowd control solutions. We’re thrilled to showcase a revolutionary product for exhibits and display access management. This compact barrier combines key features of our QueuePro line in a smaller 24 inch post. Perfect for museums, art galleries, and auto showrooms, this mini stanchion is designed to keep visitors away from exhibits without creating the sense of a barrier. To assist in blending with the décor of the event space QueuePro Mini is available in 5 different post finishes or can be customized in over 200 colors and metal finishes.

Art Gallery

Key Features:

Belt Customization: Tailored belt barriers offer businesses and event planners a convenient solution for safeguarding merchandise while doubling as impactful branding and communication mediums. With the QueuePro Mini 250, you can choose from a range of 50 different belt colors, stripes, and safety messages. Whether you require muted darker colors or ultra bright fluorescents you are sure to find the right shade for your needs.

Belt Customization

Tailored Printing: Should the stock options not meet your needs, we also provide custom printing services. This added level of personalization further increases the leverage an event organizer has on the overall aesthetic look of the environment. Incorporating custom logos, messages, or graphics amplifies brand visibility and recognition, enhancing the overall experience.

Post Styles: In event settings, achieving a synergistic environment is essential for making a strong initial impact. With the QueuePro Mini 250, seamless integration into your event's theme is guaranteed, ensuring it complements rather than detracts from the surroundings. This stanchion offers five distinct post finish options: Black, Satin Stainless, Polished Stainless, Satin Brass, and Polished Brass. Whether you aim to highlight the value of art exhibits with a brass stanchion or showcase a sleek car design with a stainless post, the QueuePro Mini 250 provides all the customization options you require.

Belt Length: The QueuePro Mini 250 also comes in two different belt lengths. It comes in an 11 ft belt length and a 13 ft belt length. The 13 ft belt length makes it so that less posts are needed to cover the same distance that the 11 ft belt would need.

Floor Protector: The QueuePro Mini 250 has a full-circumference rubber floor protector so no matter whether it is dragged, pushed or rolled your floors will be protected from scuffs and scratches.

Floor Protector

Where This Product Excels:

As previously stated, this product is designed for a specific purpose, that is to restrict access to items on display without blocking the view or giving the sense of a barrier between the visitor and the exhibit. It is widely used in museums and art galleries since it offers a simple solution to preserving the security of art pieces while diminishing the impact of the artwork or exhibit. With the lower height compared to a standard stanchion allowing the QueuePro Mini to be positioned closer to floor standing exhibits such as in auto showrooms by reducing the distance needed to save the exhibit from damage should the stanchion be knocked down.


In summary, the QueuePro Mini 250 offers a compact yet powerful solution for exhibit and display access management. With customizable belt options, personalized printing, and various post styles, it seamlessly integrates into any environment, from museums to auto showrooms. Its lower height ensures unobstructed views while maintaining security, making it ideal for preserving the integrity of exhibits without sacrificing aesthetics.

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