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Innovation and Excellence: QueuePro Mini 250 Xtra

Jake Hoff

Innovation and Excellence: QueuePro Mini 250 Xtra

Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive us forward as we redefine crowd management solutions. We’re excited to showcase a groundbreaking product designed specifically for exhibition spaces such as art galleries, museums, and auto showrooms. This barrier integrates the key features of our compact QueuePro Mini line, with an extra wide belt to allow for more visible branding.

Reduced Post Height

Being only 24-inches tall the QueuePro Mini 250 Xtra is designed to keep onlookers from touching the product being displayed while not detracting from the aesthetic of the environment. The knee height of the belt on this stanchion provides a clear barrier clearly marking the keep out area but does not create the sense of a barrier between the visitor and the exhibit. The reduced height also has the benefit of allowing the stanchions to be placed closer to the exhibit without fear of damage should the stanchion be knocked over.

QueuePro 250 Mini Xtra Black

Extra Wide Belt for Bold Branding

Standard belt stanchions have a 2 inch wide belt however this Xtra model features a 3 inch belt and this allows logos and messages to be printed 50% larger making the print bolder and much more visible. A 50% larger print dramatically increases the distance at which the print is visible and when up close increases the impact of the logo or message. This extra wide belt is a ground breaking development in retractable belt stanchion design and is an important tool for developing brand recognition.

Post Options

A key element of good display equipment design is the availability of a wide range of colors and finishes to allow hardware to be integrated with the venue’s decor or design. With this in mind the QueuePro Mini 250 is offered with 5 stock finish options, black polished & satin stainless steel and polished & satin brass. If non of these option suit, then we have a range of 200+ custom powder coat colors and multiple custom metal finishes available. This stanchion also has a choice of six stock belt colors, or the belt can be customer printed. Our digital printing process allows you to choose any color, logo or design you require, we can even print QR codes. Our design team collaborates closely with all our customers to ensure the final result is exactly what is specified.


In summary, the QueuePro 250 Mini Xtra demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence in crowd management solutions. Tailored for exhibits, art galleries, auto showrooms, and more its compact 24-inch design ensures display protection without compromising aesthetics. With features like the extra wide belt branding for enhanced visual impact, diverse post finish options, and custom belt printing, it provides unparalleled versatility and customization. From safeguarding products to enhancing brand visibility and ambiance, the QueuePro 250 Mini Xtra exceeds expectations, elevating event experiences for organizers and attendees alike.

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