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Enhance Your Showcase: QueuePro Mini 300

Jake Hoff

Enhance Your Showcase: QueuePro Mini 300

The mini stanchion is a practical tool used in art galleries to designate boundaries and keep viewers away from exhibits. Standard waist high stanchions create the sense of a barrier separating the viewer from the exhibit and in some cases can obstruct the view. At only 24” high mini stanchions achieve result as regular stanchions in keeping viewers at a distance but they achieve this in a much less intrusive way.

The QueuePro mini 300 Mini is an innovative new product that takes all the features from the QueuePro Mini series but adds the advantage of an extra length 16 ft belt. This length is more than twice the length of the industry standard 7.5ft belt which reduces the number of stanchions needed, lowering purchase cost and storage space required. The stanchion also has a wide range of customization options ensuring it will blend with the ambiance of your event. Widely used around the world in museums, art galleries, and auto showrooms, this stanchion is the ideal choice to keep items protected while not impacting their aesthetic appeal.

QueuePro 300 Mini

Post Finishes

Customization is key for any event environment. Making sure that everything in the environment matches your event’s theme is imperative for event aesthetics. The QueuePro Mini 300 customizing options ensure that it will seamlessly blend with your décor. The stanchion is available with four different post finish options, Black, Polished Stainless, Satin Stainless, Polished Brass and Satin Brass. Whether you want to show off how valuable the art exhibits are with a brass stanchion or want to show off a new sleek car design with a stainless post, the QueuePro Mini 300 Mini has all that you need.

Belt Customization

The QueuePro Mini 300 offers a choice of 40 belt colors and stripes ensuring you will be able to find a belt to suit your exhibit or venue. Custom belt printing provides event organizers with an effective way to discreetly promote brands or display advertising messages. The belts can be digitally printed in an unlimited number of colors in our in-house printing department allowing any type of logo to be reproduced on the belts.

QueuePro 300 Mini


In conclusion, the mini stanchion stands as an indispensable tool in galleries and show rooms, effectively guiding viewers through exhibitions while preserving the integrity of the display. With its compact design and optimal viewing capabilities, it seamlessly integrates into gallery spaces without taking away from the visitor experience.

The QueuePro mini 300 Mini revolutionizes crowd guidance with its innovative features and customization options. Its extra length 16 ft belt length, along with a range of post finishes and belt customization choices, ensures that it not only enhances event ambiance but also provides practical crowd management solutions. Moreover, its long belt minimizes the number of stanchions needed making it an ideal choice for event organizers looking to streamline their setup process while minimizing costs.

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