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SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable

Jake Hoff

SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable: Enhancing Safety and ADA Compliance with Long Belts

Designed to cater to the unique needs of your worksite, the SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable stanchion presents a series of improvements over its predecessors. With an impressive 16ft belt that reduces the number of stanchions needed to cover large areas and the addition of a twin belt for enhanced effectiveness, this stanchion stands out. Notably, the lower belt not only bolsters perimeter security by preventing pedestrians from ducking under it but also ensures ADA compliance by providing guidance for the visually impaired. In this blog post, we will delve into the exceptional features of the SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable, exploring its long-belt capability, the myriad customization options available, and the advantages of its innovative removable base.

Long Belt for Efficient Crowd Control:

The SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable sets itself apart with its impressive 16ft long twin belt design, a substantial improvement over the industry-standard 7.5ft single belt setup. This extended belt provides efficient coverage of larger areas, leading to reduced setup time and labor costs. Its ability to create longer layouts makes it a valuable asset for worksites requiring extensive crowd control and boundary delineation. Additionally, the inclusion of a lower belt enhances perimeter security, preventing individuals from ducking under the belt. This heightened control over pedestrian access ensures a safer environment by minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Long Belts

Customization Options for Specific Worksite Needs:

Personalization is key to creating a crowd control solution that seamlessly integrates into your worksite's specific requirements. The SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable offers an abundance of customization options, ensuring your stanchions are tailored to your needs. Starting with the post, this model is available in three high visibility colors: Yellow, Red, and Orange. This range of colors helps to improve the visibility of your stanchions, making the perimeter obvious from a distance. Furthermore, we provide over 50 different stock belts in various colors and safety messages. These stock options enable you to maximize awareness of restricted access areas with messages such as “Authorized Access Only” or “Danger Keep Out” among others. If the stock options don't suit your worksite's needs, we also offer custom belt printing. This option allows you to add custom safety messages or even incorporate logos and images onto the belt, so you can display the safety message appropriate to your needs.

Innovative Removable Base for Enhanced Convenience:

The SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable introduces an ingenious removable base, specially designed for permanent safety barrier layouts that occasionally require stanchion removal. The 2” diameter insert fixed to the bottom of the stanchion seamlessly slides into a socket set in the floor, ensuring a secure and stable post. Unlike portable stanchions that need frequent realignment, this innovative design guarantees that the stanchions stay firmly in place, eliminating the labor required to keep the barrier layout in line. When the need arises, simply remove the stanchion from the floor socket, making it easy to break down the barrier when not required, providing optimal flexibility in crowd control management.

Removable Bubble


In conclusion, the SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable stands as a testament to innovation and compliance in the field of crowd control solutions. With its long 16ft belt and innovative removable base, this stanchion sets new standards for efficient crowd management, enhanced safety, and ADA compliance. The ability to reduce the number of stanchions required to cover expansive areas optimizes setup time and labor costs, making it a highly cost-effective choice for worksites of all sizes. The SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable's range of customization options further allows you to tailor your crowd control solution to your worksite's unique needs, effectively conveying safety messages and maximizing visibility. Embrace the future of crowd control with the SafetyPro Twin 300 Removable and optimize the safety and efficiency of your worksite.

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