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Merchandising Panels and Accessories

Jake Hoff

Optimize Impulse Sales with Merchandising Panels and Accessories

When it comes to managing customer flow in checkout lines, finding ways to efficiently guide foot traffic while also maximizing engagement and sales opportunities is key. Welcome to the future of customer queue management, where we introduce you to our game changing product line the Merchandising Panel that intersects effective customer guidance and high value impulse sales.

Merchandising Panels: Endless Possibilities

Picture this: A versatile system that not only helps you manage queues efficiently but also serves as a highly effective merchandising system. Meet our Merchandising Panels – the innovation that seamlessly integrates with our crowd control stanchions with slatwall paneling to create a powerful merchandising platform for a wide range of applications.

From convenience store retail small stores to Big Box environments, Merchandising Panels turn the dead space of the customer queue into the most powerful impulse sales generator in the store. Display products, promotions, or anything else you want your audience to notice. With Merchandising Panels, you can make the most of every square inch of your space.

In Queue Merchandising

Exploring the Options: Your Choices at a Glance

Standard Merchandising Panels: Our standard panels are 4’ wide and available 36” high or the Extra Height 48” high model. Made from 1” aluminum slatwall, the panels are incredibly durable and light enough to be handled by a single person. The 1” slat spacing gives the maximum flexibility of shelf spacing. The panel frame has attachment lugs that fit into the recesses in attachment collars that wrap around the queue stanchion and are tightened with the Allen key provided. The attachment collars have 4 way connectivity so a run of panels can be created in any length or shape.

Slatwall Panel
Large slatwall panel

Gondola Merchandising Panels: Our Gondola Panels use the same 1” aluminum slatwall as the Standard Panels but are fixed to a rolling base that enables you to quickly move the panel to any location in the store. Whether used in the queue or as a standard alone fixture to offer impulse or sale items elsewhere in the store the Gondola Panel can be moved instantly to where it's needed.

Slatwall gondola Panel

Merchandising Accessories: Elevate Your Displays

The heart of the Merchandising Panel setup lies in the variety of accessories available to display your products effectively. Let's explore some of the key accessories that can help transform your panel into a powerful merchandising tool:

Shelves: Available in both slant wire and flat metal options, our shelves are designed to take the full width of the panel for maximum merchandise capacity. These are excellent for snacks and can even hold larger items like candy arrangements, stuffed animals, games, books, and more.

Slatwall Wire Shelf
Slatwall Flat Shelf
Slatwall Flat Shelf Large

Slant Basket: This wide, deep wire basket is ideal for bulky products such as potato chips.

Slatwall Wire Basket

Acrylic Pockets and Trays: These crystal-clear accessories are designed to display smaller items such as candy allowing multiple varieties to be displayed together.

Slatwall Acrylic Pocket
Slatwall Acrylic divider pocket

Set Up Flexibility

The beauty of Merchandising Panels lies in their versatility. Easy to set up and able to be set at right angles to each other, the panels can be configured to create a queue line of any shape and size required. It is this flexibility that makes our Merchandising Panels ideal no matter the store format. Whether you operate a super store or a convenience outlet the Merchandising Panel will fit your needs quickly easily and cost effectively.

A Glimpse into the Future

This is just an introduction to the benefits of queue-based impulse selling and our Merchandising Panel product line. In the coming posts, we'll dive deeper into the versatility, success stories, and expert tips of the queue Merchandising Panel to help you harness the full potential of these revolutionary merchandising tools.

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