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Maximizing Results with Your Panels

Jake Hoff

Maximizing Results with Merchandising Panels: Tips and Tricks for Retail Success

Have you ever found yourself enticed by products strategically placed in the checkout queue? The captivating displays that catch your eye are not just coincidental; they are the result of clever merchandising panel placements. These panels are instrumental in triggering impulse buys in the checkout queue and encouraging customers to spend more. In this blog post, we will explore a variety of tips and tricks to leverage the potential of merchandising panels and elevate your business to new heights of success.

Know Your Customers Inside Out

Understanding your customer base is paramount to crafting an effective merchandising strategy. Dive into the details: demographics, popular products, shopping patterns, and even peak hours. Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your merchandising panels to cater to your customers' preferences. Whether it's placing popular snacks near checkout during evening hours or promoting certain brands during specific days, knowing your customers enhances your strategy's effectiveness.

Design a Strategic Plan: The Blueprint for Success

Once you've gathered customer insights, it's time to craft a strategic plan. This blueprint will dictate:

-Number of merchandising panels required
-Products and brands to be displayed
-Layout and organization of each panel
-Placement locations for maximum visibility

Mapping out your store's layout and allocating panels accordingly is a proactive approach. Assigning specific themes or product types to each panel enhances organization and guides customers seamlessly through your offerings.

Determining Panel Quantity: Finding the Balance

Selecting the right number of panels is a balancing act. Consider your store's size, customer traffic, and the products you intend to showcase. While more panels may seem tempting, overcrowding can overwhelm customers. A measured approach ensures your panels don't just grab attention but also offer a positive shopping experience. To do this it is important to take into account store size. For instance, a merchandising setup for a convenience store will be different than a large retail store but if set up correctly can see a much larger return. Take this into account when deciding the number of panels needed for your display.

Merchandising Panel 1 Panel Setup
Merchandising Panel 4 Panel Setup

Curating Compelling Displays: What to Showcase

Choosing which products and brands to showcase is a big decision. This is where you can do some testing to determine what products perform best in your store. To begin with it is important to select items that are suitable for triggering impulse purchases. These should be low value ‘grab and go’ items such as candy and snacks or ‘add on’ items such as socks in a shoe store. But there's more to these display panels than just selling stuff – they can also help dramatically with promotions and brand recognition.

Here's how it works: you put the brand/product you want to highlight right at the center or focal point of the display panel. This attracts people's attention and in turn makes it the first product they notice. To maximize product sales and recognition many companies reserve this spot for the highest return products or the bestselling products. This strategy is employed by companies around the globe and some companies even pay to be put in that valuable display position. One notable company that does this is Coca-Cola as they pay stores a premium to make sure their sodas and products are put in the best spots in any display. This makes their products one of the most viewed products and drastically increases brand recognition.

Organizational Strategies: Creating Visual Allure

Organizing your panels is an art. Grouping product by category, brand, or even color can captivate customers. While creativity is encouraged, simplicity is key. A common mistake stores make is trying to overload or create a complex display. Oftentimes this can overwhelm the customer and while it would get their attention, it would be less likely to produce beneficial results. By keeping your displays simple and clean you can easily tap into a large market of impulse sales.

merch panel full

Implementation and Expectations

Armed with a comprehensive plan, it's time to put your strategy into action. Implementing your merchandizing panel setup will likely require some adjustment, but the results will be worth it. Anticipate an increase in sales and a more engaging shopping experience for your customers.


In conclusion, the potential of merchandising panels goes beyond aesthetics; they are a dynamic tool for boosting sales, enhancing customer engagement, and optimizing the shopping journey. By understanding your customers, crafting a strategic plan, and curating compelling displays, you can harness the power of these panels to take your business to new heights of success. Remember, merchandising panels are more than fixtures; they are your business's partners in growth.

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