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WallPro 300: 7.5-10ft Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier

WallPro 300: 7.5-10ft Wall Mounted Retractable Belt Barrier

$ 34.95

WallPro 300

The WallPro 300 wall mounted retracting belt barrier is the ideal solution for restricting access in short-span applications such as cash register aisles, elevators, hallways and doors.

Wall mounting eliminates the need for bulky floor-standing barriers and the WallPro's compact design will not create an obstruction in restricted spaces.

WallPro's sleek ABS housing is both tough for work environments and attractive to suit interior décor.
The WallPro is available with various different belt ends including universal and magnetic and includes an option for a fixed or removable frame.

The WallPro 300 is available with multiple mounting and belt end options making this one of the most versatile barrier systems available.
SKU: WP300

Height: 5.5 in.
Width: 3 in.
Depth: 3 in.
Weight: 0.7 lb.
Belt Width: 2 in.
Belt Length: 7.5 - 10 ft.
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