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QueuePro 300 Twin: 16ft Premium Retractable Belt Barrier (Black)

QueuePro 300 Twin: 16ft Premium Retractable Belt Barrier (Black)

$ 198.00

QueuePro 300 Twin

This product is specifically designed for creating large queue systems that handle high volumes of pedestrian flow.

The lower belt improves pedestrian control as it helps keep children in line, restricts "line ducking" and provides guidance for the visually impaired using a cane. 

The lower belt also makes this barrier ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. This model's 16'/4.9m belt length halves the number of barriers that are needed with the industry standard 7.5'/2.3m belt.

Fewer barriers lowers total purchase cost and reduces the labor required to set up and take down queue systems.

The QueuePro 300 Twin features a unique two piece post construction which allows the lower belt mechanism to be easily replaced in the field.


SKU: PROTwin300-160-BK

      Height: 40 in.
      Weight: 24 lb.
      Post Diameter: 3 in.
      Base Diameter: 14 in.
      Belt Width: 2 in.
      Belt Length: 16 ft.
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