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QueuePro 250 Clear: 11-13ft Retractable Belt Barrier

QueuePro 250 Clear: 11-13ft Retractable Belt Barrier

$ 105.00

QueuePro Clear
Queue Control with Product Promotion

The QueuePro Clear is a high impact promotional tool with all the functionality of the QueuePro range.

QueuePro Clear's crystal clear polycarbonate post can be filled with promotional items or quick change printed inserts.

The bases and belt cassettes can be colored to suit promotional design themes, and you can choose from 30 standard belt colors or have us dye the belt to your specific requirement.

The belts can also be digitally printed in an unlimited number of colors, even have your logo and QR code printed on the post top!
SKU: PROClear250

        Height: 40 in.
        Weight: 22 lb.
        Post Diameter: 2.5 in.
        Base Diameter: 14 in.
        Belt Width: 2 in.
        Belt Length: 11 - 13 ft.
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