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4ft Minit Plastic Barricade - Orange

4ft Minit Plastic Barricade - Orange

$ 93.95
Minimum quantity is 6

Being positioned as the top-tier plastic crowd control solution within the US market, the Minit barricade showcases a patented design that sets it apart as an incredibly visually appealing plastic pedestrian barricade. Uniquely distinct from the Minit plastic barricade, this solution presents a more compact frame. This feature provides you with the flexibility to establish smaller barricades and achieve higher precision in your crowd control arrangements. Crafted from a recyclable polypropylene formulation, it guarantees lasting durability without concerns of rust, chips, or scratches, whether utilized indoors or outdoors. Beyond these inherent advantages, the Minit barricade's lightweight composition facilitates effortless storage and relocation, making it a highly suitable choice for a multitude of events. With an assortment of colors available for selection, the Minit barricade stands out as a dependable option for a wide spectrum of events.



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