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450mm Coil Diameter Razor Wire Fence Anti Theft High Security Beautiful Appearance

450mm Coil Diameter Razor Wire Fence Anti Theft High Security Beautiful Appearance


Product Description:

Razor Barbed Wire Mesh is a new kind of protective fencing with such advantages and beautiful appearance, economical cost and practicality, and convenient construction. It plays the role of protection in mines, gardens and apartments, frontier and sentry defense, and enclosure of prisons.

From the material it divided into Electric Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire, Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire, and High Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire.

Compare the three material quality:
Electric Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire<Hot Dipped Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire<High Galvanized Razor Barbed Wire.


Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire And Hot Dipped Galvanized Blade Wire Dia.: 2.5mm.3mm
Clips: 3-8 Per Coil Blade Shape: BTO-22 BTO-30 CBT-60 CBT-65
Finish: Galvanized, PVC Painting Package: Inner Waterproof Paper With Woven Bag Outside
Characteristics: Hard And Beautiful And Sharp; Safety Protect Method Application: Protection Of Glass Farm, Railway, highway, ect.


Product Specification:

  Razor blade specification:
  Reference No.: BTO-22
  Wire Dia.: 2.5 mm -+ 0.1
  Thickness (razor blade): 0.5 mm -+ 0.05
  Barb length (razor blade): 22 mm -+ 1
  Barb width (razor blade): 15 mm -+ 1
  Barb spacing (razor blade): 34 mm -+ 1


  Outside diameter: 900mm
  No. Of loops: 36 loops
  Stander length per coil: 9 V 10M (5 clips)
  Type: BTO- 22
  Note: Concertina crossed type razor barbedC-
  Other details: Weight: 10 kg/coil (maximum)

  Tensile: 600-700 N/mm2
  Zinc content: Wire G. I 12-15 G/M2


single loop razor barbed wire(single coil)
Out diameter NO. of loops Standard cover length Blade Style Remark
450mm 33 7-8M CBT-60.65 Single coil
500mm 56 12-13M CBT-60.65 Single coil
700mm 56 13-14M CBT-60.65 Single coil
960mm 56 14-15M CBT-60.65 Single coil
Cross type razor barbed wire(double loops)
450mm 56 8-9M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
500mm 56 9-10M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Crosstype
600mm 56 10-11M (3 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
600mm 56 8-10M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
700mm 56 10-12M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
800mm 56 11-13M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
900mm 56 12-14M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
960mm 56 13-15M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type
980mm 56 14-16M (5 CLIPS) BTO- Cross type

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