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1.8*2.5m 358 Security Fence Low Carbon Steel Wire Material Sustainable

1.8*2.5m 358 Security Fence Low Carbon Steel Wire Material Sustainable


The 358 anti-climb fence is designed to provide a very high level of security that is almost impossible to climb, with the narrow apertures of the mesh preventing any intruder gaining a foothold, whilst retaining a good level of visibility and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. This system is used extensively by the Ministry of Defense around high security sites.

  • Weld strength is 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire (tensile range 540-690 N/m²).
  • This system combines an anti climb and anti cut fence with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism.
  • Extra length panels can be supplied for burying 300mm below ground to prevent burrowing.
  • An adhesion coating is applied to allow perfect adhesion with the polyester coating (min. 100 micron).
  • Posts are polyester coated with a galvanized substrate in accordance with Euro norm 10147.



      Product Name: Anti Climb Fence Surface Treatment: Hot Dipped Gal. Or Powder Coated Or PVC Coated
      Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire Powder Color: Green, Blue, Grey, Yellow, Black, Etc
      Mesh Size: 12.7x76.2mm,25x75mm Wire Diameter: 3mm-6mm
      Feature: Easily Assembled, Sustainable, Eco Friendly, Rodent Proof Application: Safety Screening, Airport, Prison, Etc


      358 mesh panel
      2m, 2.2m, 2.5m, 3m
      Mesh Opening:
      3" X 0.5" X 8 Gauge Wire(12.7mm X 76.20mm Wire)
      Anti Cut ,Anti Climb
      On request
      Low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire
      Surface treatment
      Galvanized + powder coated


      On request(Normal 2.3m-4m)
      Square post
      60x60mmx3mm, 80x80mmx3mm
      Round post
      C post
      Cover steel plate
      On request
      Single Arm or Double Arm
      On request
      Tension Wire or Barbed Wire
      On request



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