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Why Are Posts So Heavy?

Terry Ross crowd control tips storage carts

Why are crowd control posts, like QueuePros and TensaBarriers, so heavy? (Here's a hint: they're barriers.) And what can you do to make moving them easier? (It involves wheels.)

Crowd control posts are heavy and hard to move. They're designed that way … because they're barriers. You don't want them to be moved ... except when you do.

It would seem like this is a hassle that you just have to live with. But there are two ways to solve this problem. I'll tell you how and I'll show you both of them.

Portable crowd control posts weigh about 20 pounds. That's the same as 24 cans of Coke or beer. And they're actually quite awkward to pick up.

Most posts are 2-1/2 inches in diameter – too big to reach all the way around with you grip. If you carry them vertically, you have to hold them out away from your body so that the heavy base doesn't smack into your shins, and squeeze really hard so that the post doesn't slide down through your grip.

You can also carry them horizontally with the technique I like to call the tipup-pickup-and-crash method.

You just tip the post, pick it up near the base, and try not to crash into things with the 40 inches of steel pipe that sticking out.

Thankfully, there's an easier way to move your posts — actually two easier ways.

First we have roller posts like our RollerPro models from QueueSolutions. These posts have discrete 4-1/2 inch rubber roller that touches the floor only when the post is tipped. So you don't have to lift your posts at all to put them where ever yo want.

Next we have storage carts. Some storage carts hold the posts horizontally, while other carts hold them vertically.

Horizontal storage carts come in three sizes that hold 12, 18 or 21 posts. And they come with a storage tray, where you can keep sign frames and other accessories.

Keep in mind that you need space around the cart to load and unload the posts, and some of the posts may need to be lifted overhead.

With vertical storage carts, you need to lift each post only about 18 inches to get it on the cart -- and less space is needed around the cart because the post are always vertical.

The disadvantages of a vertical cart are 1) it cost more money, 2) it takes up more space and 3) it comes in only one size.

To sum it up, roller posts are great for moving individual posts; and storage carts are good for moving a bunch of posts together, and of course, for storage.

To see roller posts and storage carts on our website, click the links here. To see more videos about using crowd control equipment to guide and protect people, subscribe to our channel.

In our next video, we'll talk about why a post with a shorter belt might be a better choice for you.

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