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WeatherMaster 335: Revolutionizing Workplace Safety with Extended Reach

Jake Hoff

WeatherMaster 335: Revolutionizing Workplace Safety with Extended Reach

In the realm of workplace safety and crowd control, innovation is the name of the game. The WeatherMaster 335 emerges as a game-changer, offering premium safety solutions for high-traffic working and factory areas. Let's dive into the features and benefits of this exceptional safety stanchion.

Durable Rubber Base

The WeatherMaster 335 is specifically engineered for exceptional outdoor performance. Its outstanding durability owes much to its robust rubber base. This rubber base not only prevents rusting during prolonged outdoor use but also renders it the sturdiest base available, capable of withstanding any conditions.

WeatherMaster 250 Base handle

Moreover, the base has been intelligently crafted with a slight curve, serving a dual purpose. It not only minimizes the risk of tripping hazards but also demonstrates remarkable strength in handling heavy loads. During testing, the base effortlessly supported substantial weight, including the pressure exerted by vehicles. This innovative design helped to earn the WeatherMaster its name as the most durable stanchions on the market.

WeatherMaster 250 Base getting run over by forklift

Long Belts for Efficiency

One of the standout features of the WeatherMaster 335 is its remarkably long belt. With a range of 20 to 35 feet, this safety stanchion can create extended run barriers with ease. This extended reach means you can cover more ground with fewer stanchions, effectively quartering the number of barriers needed compared to the industry-standard 7.5-foot belt. This not only reduces costs associated with purchasing and deploying multiple stanchions but also simplifies the setup process. You can create long run barriers quickly and efficiently, saving time and labor.

16 FT safety Belt

Weatherized and Customizable

The WeatherMaster 335 is designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions. This is due to the post being weatherized, meaning it can endure rain, snow, and sunlight without deteriorating. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor worksites where continued outdoor use is necessary.

WeatherMaster Stanchion In The Snow
WeatherMaster Stanchion In the snow connected
WeatherMaster Stanchion Base In the Snow

Along with its weatherproof build specifications, the WeatherMaster 335 offers a high degree of customization. It's available in three high-visibility stock color options, ensuring that it remains visible even in challenging light conditions. The 2-inch-wide belt is also available in over 40 different stock colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your safety messaging needs. If the option you are looking for is not among our stock choices, we also offer fully custom printed belt services. This allows you to customize your belt and place any message or image on it to ensure your workplace is as safe as possible.

Safety Features

Along with its durability and effectiveness, safety is at the core of the WeatherMaster 335's design. Its belt features a slow retracting brake system that prevents the belt whipping around during sudden belt retraction to ensure no damage or injury comes from the belt. Additionally, the stanchion is equipped with a belt lock feature, eliminating accidental belt release.These safety features make the WeatherMaster 335 a reliable choice for outdoor safety management.


In conclusion, the WeatherMaster 335 is a high-performance safety stanchion designed to excel in outdoor workplaces. Its durable construction, long belts, weatherized design, make it a standout choice for enhancing safety in high-traffic areas. When it comes to safeguarding your workforce and effectively restricting access to outdoor working or factory areas, the WeatherMaster 335 proves to be an invaluable asset. Elevate safety in your workplace with this innovative outdoor safety stanchion. With its extended reach and robust design, it's ready to take on the challenges of your busiest areas.

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