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Unparalleled Functionality: ProLux 250

Jake Hoff

Unparalleled Functionality: ProLux 250

Introducing the ProLux 250 Low Profile Barrier: a revolution in crowd control blending contemporary aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. Ideal for bustling environments and areas requiring child and wheelchair access, the ProLux 250 ensures both safety and accessibility without compromising on style. Crafted with precision from heavy-duty steel, its unique base is not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the rigors of high traffic settings. Equipped with a slow retract brake system and a belt lock, the ProLux guarantees reliability and peace of mind. Elevate your crowd control experience with the ProLux 250 – where form meets function in perfect harmony.

Maximized Safety by Minimalist Design

The key feature of the ProLux is its very low-profile base. Milled from a solid block of steel this base is designed with a leading edge of only 3/8 of an inch and an overall height of just ¾ of an inch minimizing trip hazard. This low trip hazard feature makes the ProLux ideal for high traffic areas and particularly suitable for use in environments with a high concentration of children or wheelchair users. The base is fitted with a full coverage rubber floor protector to save expensive flooring from potential scuffs and scratches. scuff damage to expensive flooring.

As well as the practical features of the low-profile design, this base stands out in the industry as being the only one milled from a solid block of steel rather than being cast iron with a decorative cover. The sleek, minimalist look of this base provides a truly different aesthetic to all other stanchions. Modern, minimalist, and European are all words used to describe the ProLux design. For high end establishments such as hotels, casinos, clubs, and airport lounges looking to differentiate their front of house interior design the ProLux is the only choice.

ProLux base

Customizing Options

At Crowd Control Depot we take pride in the number of customization options we offer. The ProLux is available in three stock post finishes, or it can be customized with any of our 200+ custom powder coat colors or metal finishes. We have a choice of over 30 belt solid colors plus a range of high visibility stripes and safety messages. If none of our stock belt options meet your requirements you can work with our design team to produce a custom printed belt with your choice of color, logo, or branding message.

Prioritizing Protection

The ProLux 250 is equipped with our standard slow retracting belt cassette. The retraction mechanism is fitted with a brake to ensure slow, safe belt retraction should the belt be accidentally released. As an additional precaution the belt end has a lock to prevent customers from tampering with the belt.

CCD Belt Cassette

What Sets ProLux 250 Apart?

In Use Image of ProLux 250

The ProLux 250 distinguishes itself in various environments and industries, particularly those where aesthetics and functionality are paramount:

High-Traffic Zones: From bustling airports to busy shopping centers and event venues, the ProLux 250's robust construction and safety features make it a reliable choice where safety and aesthetics converge.

Sports Arenas: With its steel design, the ProLux 250 seamlessly integrates into modern stadium architecture, offering durability and crowd management solutions in high-wear environments.

Mass Transit Hubs: Airports and train stations demand crowd control solutions that can withstand heavy foot traffic while maintaining accessibility. The ProLux's rugged build and the low-profile base make it the ideal choice for these dynamic environments.


In conclusion, the ProLux 250 Low Profile Barrier ushers in a new era in crowd control, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with unparalleled functionality. Crafted with precision from heavy-duty steel, the unique base provides the ultimate statement of style without compromising durability and functionality. ensures both safety and accessibility without compromising on style. Equipped with the key safety features of a slow retract brake system and belt lock, the ProLux guarantees reliability and peace of mind in high-traffic settings. Whether in high end venues or bustling airports, the ProLux 250’s unique design aesthetic and durable engineering meets the diverse needs of modern crowd management.

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