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The SafetyPro 335 Extra Length Belt

Jake Hoff

The SafetyPro 335 Retractable Belt Barrier: Unleashing the Power of Extra Length Belts

In worksite safety, the importance of effective crowd control solutions cannot be overstated. That's why we have developed the SafetyPro 335 retractable belt barrier to meet the highest standards. This blog post will provide a detailed exploration of the outstanding features and benefits of the SafetyPro 335, with a particular emphasis on its remarkable 35’ belt length. This safety barrier offers unparalleled advantages in lowering purchase costs, reducing set up time and saving on storage space making it the ideal choice for restricting access to large scale work areas.

The Long Length Advantage

The remarkable 35’ length of this stanchion is more than 4 times longer than the industry standard 7.5’ belt. This means you only need a quarter of the stanchions for a given length of barrier. Fewer stanchions mean lower purchase cost and faster set up times. Not only do you save on costs and time, fewer stanchions also means less storage space is required when the stanchions are not in use. The SafetyPro 335’s extended reach enables you to set up long-run barriers fast and effortlessly.

Long Belt

With its exceptional belt length, the SafetyPro 335 is an ideal choice for restricting access to work areas in large scale locations such as construction sites, airports, factories and warehouses.

belt Lock

Durability and Safety

The SafetyPro 335 is built to withstand the rigors of demanding worksite environments. Manufactured with a for out door use. The 335 is engineered with durability in mind, featuring a steel post, ABS head and cast-iron base. The 335 is fully weatherized for outdoor use making this the stanchion of choice for the toughest worksite conditions. Safety is built into the design with a slow retract belt braking system which eliminates the possibility of injury from high speed ‘belt whip’. For additional security the belt end is fitted with a lock to prevent accidental belt release.

High Visibility for Enhanced Safety Awareness

Visibility is essential for safety barriers. The SafetyPro 335 retractable belt barrier is available in three OSHA high visibility colors: yellow, orange, and red. These vibrant color options ensure that the stanchions stand out in any environment. The belts are available in a choice of over 30 colors including diagonal and horizontal stripes along with 20 stock safety messages.

Customization Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every worksite has unique safety requirements and branding preferences. That's why the SafetyPro 335 offers full customization options. It’s remarkable 35’ belt can be custom printed with your specific safety message, logo, or symbol so you can convey your worksites safety guidelines. Additionally, the stanchion itself can be customized with specific colors or branding elements, allowing you to showcase your corporate identity and enhance recognition. With the SafetyPro 335, you have the freedom to create a safety solution that aligns perfectly with your worksite's requirements.


The SafetyPro 335 retractable belt barrier from Crowd Control Depot is a high-performance safety barrier designed to provide effective access control in worksite environments. Its exceptional 35’ belt length allows you to create long run barriers, minimizing the need for additional stanchions while maximizing space utilization. With durability, high visibility, and customization options, the SafetyPro 335 ensures that safety messages are effectively communicated, providing a safer worksite for everyone.

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