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The QueueMaster Twin 550: Maximizing Customer Control

Jake Hoff

Maximizing Control in the Customer Queue: The QueueMaster Twin 550

When it comes to crowd control, the QueueMaster Retractable belt barrier stands as the undisputed industry leader. With an unparalleled array of customization options, safety features, and a budget-friendly price, it's no wonder that the QueueMaster is the best-selling stanchion both in the US market and around the world. In this blog post, we will review the QueueMaster Twin 550n and see how it innovated to bring cost effective ADA compliant queuing to the world of stanchions.

QueueMaster 550 Black

Introducing the QueueMaster Twin 550

While the QueueMaster already boasts a range of high-quality, cost-effective barriers for forming customer queues, the QueueMaster Twin 550 is the first economy stanchion with twin belts. The lower second belt improves control of the queue by restricting customers from ducking under the belt. This not only enhances the stanchion's effectiveness but also helps it qualify as ADA compliant.

ADA Compliance: Opening Doors to Inclusivity

ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, is a crucial piece of legislation aimed at ensuring accessibility for all individuals, regardless of physical abilities. The QueueMaster Twin 550 is at the forefront of ADA-compliant queuing solutions, paving the way for more inclusive public spaces.

Belt Color Option

This compliance is achieved by a simple yet brilliant addition - a second belt, positioned halfway down the stanchion. The significance of this second belt is twofold. Firstly, it significantly enhances the stanchion's effectiveness keeping children in line and all but eliminating ‘line ducking’. More importantly, it creates a safe and accessible environment for the visually impaired. The second belt serves as an important tactile cue for those who rely on canes for navigation, allowing them to detect the barricade and safely navigate through the queue. This not only improves your queue for every customer but also ensures that your queue is accessible for all individuals.

Customization Options: Tailoring to Your Needs

The QueueMaster Twin 550 offers an abundance of customization options, ensuring it can be adapted to meet the unique needs of any crowd control scenario. Let's delve deeper into what it has to offer:

Stock Finish Options: The QueueMaster Twin 550 Twin comes in a variety of stock finish options, ensuring it seamlessly blends with your space's aesthetics. Whether you prefer classic polished looks or something more unique, there's a finish that fits your vision.

QueueMaster 550 Black
QueueMaster 550 Polished Stainless
QueueMaster 550 Polished Brass

Dual 2-Inch Wide 11-Foot Long Belts: Two belts are better than one, especially when they are 2 inches wide and an industry leading 11 feet long. This added length reduces the number of stanchions needed, lowering purchase cost and set up time.

Versatile Belt Options: Choose from up to 40 different stock belt colors and messages, allowing you to tailor the stanchion to your establishment's aesthetics or safety guidelines. Whether you need highly visible colors for safety or something more subtle for an upscale ambiance, the QueueMaster Twin 550 offers belts that match your vision.

Belt Color Option

Custom Printing: Sometimes, stock options just won't cut it. That's where our custom printing service comes into play. With this service, you can add custom messages, logos, graphics, or even QR codes to your belts. It's a level of customization that sets the QueueMaster 550 Twin apart from the rest.

Safety First: Slow Retracting Brake System and Locking Belt End

Safety is a top priority when it comes to crowd control. The QueueMaster Twin 550 is designed with this principle in mind. It features a slow-retracting brake system. This isn't just a minor detail; it's a key safety feature. This system makes the belt retract slowly and safely, preventing it from snapping back suddenly, which could potentially cause damage or injury in crowded situations. By slowing the retraction down, the belt brake system drastically reduces the chances of accidents, guaranteeing precision and control.

Belt cassette diagram crowd control depot

To take safety one step further, the QueueMaster Twin 550 is equipped with a locking belt end. This feature allows you to secure the belt to the belt end receiver, minimizing the chances of unwanted belt retraction due to user error or potential belt tampering.

Floor Protection

The QueueMaster Twin 550 Twin not only protects its surroundings and pedestrians but also safeguards your floors. It comes equipped with a full-circumference floor protector; a feature designed to prevent any potential floor damage. This floor protector ensures that your stanchions won't leave scuff marks, scratches, or other damage behind, keeping your space pristine.

In Conclusion: A Remarkable Standard in Crowd Control

In a world where crowd control is essential for safety, organization, and inclusivity, the QueueMaster Twin 550 sets the standard in product features and pricing. It introduces ADA compliance, enhances visibility, and offers a high degree of customization, all while keeping safety and floor protection in mind.

The QueueMaster Twin 550 is suitable for a variety of crowd control scenarios, from museums to airports, hotels to theme parks. It ensures the efficient flow of people while ensuring that accessibility, safety, and customization remain at the forefront. If you're seeking a crowd control solution that excels in every aspect, the QueueMaster Twin 550 is the answer.

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