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Roll Into Success with the RollerPro 250

Jake Hoff

Roll Into Success with the RollerPro 250

Setting up, taking down and reconfiguring queue systems is laborious and time consuming. Moving large numbers of heavy stanchions is a slow process which increases labor costs. We developed our RollerPro line of stanchions to alleviate these problems. RollerPro stanchions offer great versatility when it comes to being able to adapt to the flow of traffic on the go. The RollerPro 250 model in particular stands out with its 2.5’’ post and its discreet roller base. Ideal for dynamic settings such as airport terminals, sporting events, and other high traffic areas, this stanchion combines robust construction with convenient portability. Find out how the RollerPro 250 can help you roll into success.

Rolling the RollerPro 200
Rolling the RollerPro 200

Exceptional Adaptability

The main attraction of the RollerPro 250 is its discreet 6-inch roller base. The roller is big enough for ease of transportation, but small enough to not take away from the overall aesthetic look of the stanchion. Furthermore, the innovative base allows you to effortlessly reconfigure queues to match varying traffic demands, ensuring optimal flow and organization.

Transporting the RollerPro is remarkably easy as well - simply tilt the post onto its roller and push with the post head. The smooth rolling base glides into position making queue adjustments quick and efficient. This combination of subtle design and practical functionality makes the RollerPro 250 an essential tool for versatile and responsive crowd control management in high traffic areas.

Rolling the RollerPro 250


The aesthetics of any public venue are important, and the queuing area particularly so, this is usually either the first or last touch point an organization has with its customers. Having stanchions that blend with the venue décor or that create a visual dynamic of their own can significantly improve the impression given to the customers of the venue or event. The RollerPro 250 range has a wide range of customizing options tailored to seamlessly blend into any environment or to stand out depending on what you require.

Post Customizations: The stanchion is available in 3 stock finishes Black, Polished Stainless, and Satin Stainless. We also have a choice of over 200 custom powder coat colors and a wide range of custom metal finishes including: Pewter Nickel, Statuary Bronze and English Antique. With this range of stock and custom options you can tailor your RollerPro 250 to match any decor!

Belt Customizations: The belt is of course the part of the stanchion most often customized. We have a range of 50 stock belt colors to choose from including high visibility stripes and safety messages. These options allow you to match the belt to the stanchion color and your décor. If you can’t find the right color in our stock range our in house printing department can produce a belt to your specifications. Not only can they provide any color you specify but they can print logos or promotional messages turning your queue system into a highly visible billboard to help drive brand recognition.

CCD Belt Designs


In the world of customer queue management reliability and adaptability mean everything and with the RollerPro 250 you get the best of both worlds. You get a stanchion that is able to hold its own in high traffic environments, blend seamlessly with any aesthetic and is portable enough to move at short notice to fit the amount of traffic there is at certain points in the day. With its discreet roller base and easy to move functionality, this stanchion is the one to get for your transport terminals, sport venues and other high traffic areas.

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