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Roll Into Efficiency : RollerPro 200

Jake Hoff

Roll Into Efficiency : RollerPro 200

The RollerPro 200 is an industry leader in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness in customer queue management. This versatile tool is designed to streamline the task of creating and taking down queue systems. The RollerPro 200’s robust construction ensures durability, while its ergonomic design enhances ease of use. Discover how this stanchion has gained its reputation and roll into efficiency with the RollerPro 200. Innovative Design Setting up, taking down or reconfiguring queues to match customer flow can be time consuming with the movement of stanchions being slow and arduous. The RollerPro 200 addresses this issue with its innovative design, featuring a discreet 6-inch roller in the base. Moving this stanchion is simple—just tilt it onto its roller and push using the post head. With the RollerPro 200's mobile roller base, you can adjust queue systems quickly with minimal effort, streamlining both the setup and takedown of posts. This efficient solution not only reduces labor costs but also improves queue management, allowing businesses to quickly adapt to changing conditions and maintain optimal flow even during peak times.
Rolling the RollerPro 200
Customizable Belts Matching the belt color to the overall aesthetic of the environment and the post is an important feature one can customize for increased appeal. At Crowd Control Depot we pride ourselves in the number of customization options we have. We offer a range of over 50 solid colors, stripes and safety messages. Furthermore, we also offer the option to custom print your belts with logos, messages, and even QR codes. Utilizing our in-house printing capabilities, we can produce custom printed belts on short lead times and at an affordable cost.
CCD Belt Designs
Post Finishes As previously stated, having the queue system match the aesthetic of a venue is important and as well as the belt color the post finish is also key. We offer three post finishes from stock, the ubiquitous black which blends with most decors, polished stainless for a high gloss mirror finish and satin stainless for a more luxurious look. The posts can also be customized with one of our 200+ powder coat colors or any of our numerous custom metal finishes. Safety In Control The RollerPro comes with safety in mind, with its slow retracting belt brake. In case of accidental release of the belt, the brake mechanism ensures slow, safe belt retraction. This stops the sudden snapback of the belt and the risk of resulting injury to bystanders. Additionally, the belt end has a lock to prevent unintended belt release either by accident or tampering.
CCD cassete 2inch
Conclusion The RollerPro 200 stands as a testament to innovation and practicality in queue management and organizational efficiency. With its robust construction, ergonomic design, and the mobility provided by its unique roller base, it simplifies the creation and dismantling of queue systems, enhancing operational effectiveness. Customizable belt colors and post finishes allow for seamless integration into any environment, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic. Safety features, such as the slow-retracting cassette and belt lock, prioritize user protection. Ultimately, the RollerPro 200's innovative design ensures that businesses can swiftly respond to varying traffic conditions, optimizing flow and reducing costs.

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