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Pinnacle Of Luxury: ProLux Twin 250

Jake Hoff

Pinnacle Of Luxury: ProLux Twin 250

In this blog, we are showcasing a stanchion that is a testament to elegance and efficiency. With a modern European design and low-profile base, this stanchion minimizes trip hazards while exuding sophistication. Ideal for high traffic areas and prioritizing accessibility, the ProLux Twin 250 is crafted with a heavy-duty steel post and a solid steel base. This ensures longevity in everyday use with all the bumps and knocks from passerby. Additionally, the ProLux Twin 250 comes with twin belts making it ADA compliant. Experience the pinnacle of luxury and functionality with the ProLux Twin 250. Safety In Control The ProLux Twin 250 features cassettes with a slow retracting brake design, preventing danger from sudden snap back of the belt. Furthermore, our belts have a belt locking feature to prevent unintended belt release either by accident or tampering. This lock stops the belt from being unhooked from the spline of the connecting post.
CCD Belt Cassette
Limitless Customization Options Having a stanchion not only fit into but add to an aesthetic is key. Here at Crowd Control Depot we are proud of the number of customization options we offer for our products. The ProLux Twin 250 comes in three stock post finishes of Black, Satin Stainless, and Polished Stainless. Additionally, the post can also be customized with over 200+ custom powder coat colors and metal finishes such as polished or satin brass. We also offer a wide range of belt customization options. Belts are available from stock in over 50 solid colors, high visibility stripes and vibrant safety messages. Our inhouse printing department can also custom print the belts in your choice of color logo or advertising message. Utilizing in-house printing capabilities, we can print the custom belts within short notice and at a reasonable cost.
CCD Belt Designs
ADA Compliance As the name suggests, the ProLux Twin 250 features two belts. This design restricts pedestrians from ducking under the belt making a more effective queueing barrier. The lower belt also makes this stanchion ADA complaint as the lower belt meets the requirement of being no greater than 27 inches from the floor. This makes it easier for those that are visually impaired to be able to detect the belt with a cane.
ADA Compliance Sticker
The standout feature of the ProLux lies in its ultra-low-profile base. Crafted from a solid block of steel. This base boasts a leading edge of just 3/8 of an inch and an overall height of 3/4 of an inch, effectively minimizing tripping hazards. This design makes the ProLux perfect for high-traffic areas and particularly suited for environments frequented by children or wheelchair users.
In Use Image of ProLux 250
Equipped with a full-coverage rubber floor protector, this base safeguards expensive flooring from potential scuffs and scratches. What sets this base apart in the industry is its unique construction method; unlike others that use cast iron with decorative covers, the ProLux base is milled from a solid block of steel offering a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. Described as modern, minimalist, and distinctly European, the ProLux design adds a touch of sophistication to any space. For upscale establishments such as hotels, casinos, clubs, and airport lounges seeking to elevate their front-of-house interior design, the ProLux stands as the premier choice.
ProLux base
Conclusion In conclusion, the ProLux Twin 250 is the best of luxury and practicality in a stanchion. From its sleek European design to its meticulously engineered safety features, this stanchion sets a new standard in elegance and efficiency. Crafted with durability in mind, it ensures longevity even in the busiest of environments, while its ADA-compliant twin belt system prioritizes accessibility for all. Moreover, its extensive customization options allow you to tailor the stanchion to perfectly suit your aesthetic preferences and branding needs. With the ProLux Twin 250, you're not just investing in crowd control, you're investing in an elevated experience for your patrons and guests.

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