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In Depth Guide: Wall Mounts

Jake Hoff

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In Depth Guide: Wall Mounts

Crowd Control Depot are proud to present the most expansive and adaptable selection of wall mounted retractable belt barriers available on the market. Both our WallMaster and WallPro series offer a broad array of models to suit a variety of wall mounting needs. Whether for confined spaces or spacious areas, our wall mounts are engineered to seamlessly block access to restricted areas. In this article, we will talk about our diverse range of retractable, wall mounted belt barriers. Additionally, we will be highlighting some of our more specialized products such as the Wall Pro 750 and the WallPro Recessed units that are designed for specific applications.

WallMaster Series: The Standard for Wall Mounts

Our WallMaster series are the products people think about when they think of wall mounts. The WallMaster series comes with various mounting options that make installation both easy and efficient. The standard option is the fixed mount, designed for permanent placement. The removable mount is used with a low cost wall plate that the retractable unit slides in and out of. This means that one retractable unit can be used in multiple locations. The magnetic mount allows the retractable unit to be fixed to any metal surface while the clamp mount will attach the unit to a column or pillar. Each of these mounting options can be matched with a specialized belt end, fixed, magnetic or s-clip for use with the clamp mount. The combination of mount and belt end types allows us to tailor fit the unit to a wide range of environments and uses.

The WallMaster also features a heavy-duty steel casing and an auto braking system to prevent the belt from snapping back on the user. WallMasters can be ordered with any of our 50 stock belt colors and safety messages. Unique to the WallMaster range is the Xtra models which have a 3” wide belt that allows branding or safety messages to be printed 50% larger than on the standard 2” wide belt. Increasing the effectiveness of safety warnings, restricted access warnings and brand recognition.

Wall Mount with removable attachment to the wall

Another unique WallMaster option is the twin belt version making it harder for someone to duck underneath the belt while providing greater surface area for printed messages. The twin belts also allow users to display a combination of belt colors and messages to better convey the customer’s branding or safety information. The Twin version is also available with the same range of mounting and belt end options as the single belt models.

WallPro Series: From Short to Ultra Long

The WallPro series of retractable wall mounted barriers distinguishes itself with a tough ABS housing available in a range of 6 colors. The WallPro range features four models with belt lengths ranging from 7.5’ to 75’, the longest wall mount barrier available on the market.

The first model in our WallPro range is the WallPro 300, featuring 7.5 ft and 10 ft belt lengths, it offers an effective solution for short span barriers such as corridors and doorways. For longer spans, the WallPro 400 steps up with a 13 ft and 15ft belt options, while the WallPro 450 takes the lead with an impressive 20 - 35 ft belt, perfectly managing long span applications such as loading bays.

WallPro 300
WallPro 400
WallPro 450

The WallPro series has the same mounting and belt end options as the WallMaster series. Fixed, removable, magnetic, clamp and suction cup mounts are available on all WallPro models (some limitations on the WP750.) and the full range of 50 belt colors and messages can be ordered in any of the WallPro’s length options.

Options for attaching to a wall

WallPro 750:

In this section, we are highlighting the WallPro 750. This wall mount is the only option available for ultra long length applications. With an unmatched 75-foot belt, this wall-mounted retractable barrier system raises the bar on your standard wall mounted barriers. The impressive reach allows for access to be restricted across large areas such as factory floors, warehouses or airport tarmacs. The greatest hurdle manufacturing such long length is to stop the belt sagging or flopping where the belt lies horizontally making the words unreadable. Crowd Control Depot has come up with the perfect solution by adding a specifically engineered spring technology to ensure the WallPro 750’s belt remains vertical even when extended to its full length. With its heavy duty spring and 600 micron woven nylon belt the WallPro 750 is designed to provide a durable and long lasting service even in the harshest conditions.

WallPro 750

Recessed WallPro: Space Saving Solutions

Oftentimes people need to restrict access in hallways or other narrow spaces, where having a wall mounted unit there might cause a hazard from people bumping into it. The Recessed WallPro series solves this problem by fitting into a wall cavity. This provides a discrete method of restricting access to corridors without causing a safety hazard. The face plate fits flush to the wall with a powder coated surface to fit any decor.

Recessed WallPro


Crowd Control Depot makes it our mission to raise the bar when it comes to quality and versatility. The WallMaster and WallPro series are testaments to just that, with their variety of different mounting options, attachment options, belt display options as well as their ABS and steel housings. From compact spaces using the Recessed WallPro to large warehouses using the WallPro 750, our wall mounts have everything you need in terms of ease of installation, durability and functionality.

For more information about our wall mounts, please view our products as well as their spec sheets Here

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