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How to Protect Cars on Display

Terry Ross crowd control tips display posts

To protect your valuable cars and other precious objects on display in galleries, showrooms and trade shows, use a display post like our QueuePro Mini.

Video Transcript

Suppose you have a valuable car that you want to share with people in a public display, but you want make sure it's safe from harm.

Your first thought may be to surround it with crowd control posts & ropes, or Tensa Barriers. This seems logical--keep people from getting close enough to touch your car.

But a full-size crowd control post can actually put your car at risk for damage. In this video, I'll explain why that is and what you can do about it.

Hi, I'm Terry Ross, and I'm here at the Cleveland History Center–home of the Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum. It was twenty years ago, on this very spot, that I stood with my four-year-old daughter admiring a beautiful vintage Italian sports car which was on display. The car was protected by a series of crowd control posts & ropes. Suddenly, and without warning, the post nearest to my daughter tipped over and clunked into the car.

Luckily, and somewhat unbelievably, there was no damage to the car. I was shocked because Halle, my daughter, was a very well-behaved little kid, and I didn't see do anything that could've caused the post to tip over, but obviously she did something.

So what lessons can we learn from this? I can think of three:

  1. Crowd control posts are designed not to tip over, but it can happen. tuff happens. When there are people around, crowd control posts can fall over. They're designed not to, but it still happens.
  2. If you surround something with crowd control posts, and one of them tips over, it can only tip in one direction--and that's in toward the thing you've surrounded.
  3. Even when you place your posts far enough to prevent your visitors from touching your car, a post can still hit the car if it gets tipped.

These days, the museum uses special, smaller display posts to protect their car exhibits. A display post, like our QueuePro Mini, has three advantages over a full-size post:

  1. It doesn't block your visitors' view or create the feeling of a barrier.
  2. If it gets tipped over, it doesn't fall nearly as far as a full-size post. This means you you can set your posts nearer to you car and you visitors will get a closer look. 
  3. Because your post can be nearer to your car, your display will take up less floorspace -- bout 70 sq. ft. less for an average size car. 

Standard crowd control post is about 40 inches tall and has a base diameter 14 inches. If a post gets tipped over, it doesn't tip from the center of the post but from the edge of the base, so instead of striking the ground 40 inches away, it actually hits the ground 47 inches away. You would have to place your post at least 4 feet away from your car, in order to make sure your car doesn't get hit if the post gets tipped over.

A display post, on the other hand, is 24 inches tall, so if it gets tipped over, it will hit the ground less than three feet away.

Finally, a display post provides a more user-friendly experience, by allowing your visitors to get a little closer, and have a clear view, all the while making your car actually safer.

To see display posts on our website, just click the link. To see more videos about using crowd control equipment to guide and protect people, subscribe to our channel.

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