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SafetyPro 335 Fixed Long Belt Stanchion

Jake Hoff

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with the SafetyPro 335 Fixed Long Belt Stanchion

Creating effective crowd control barriers and managing large crowds requires the right equipment. That's why we introduce the SafetyPro 335 Fixed, a long belt safety stanchion designed specifically for permanent use. With its impressive 35-foot belt, this stanchion offers superior functionality and convenience compared to the industry-standard 7.5-foot belt stanchions. Let's explore the features and benefits of the SafetyPro 335 Fixed and discover why it is the ideal choice for creating long straight barriers or large cordons.

Lower Cost with Fewer Stanchions

The SafetyPro 335 Fixed is a game-changer in crowd control management. Its 35-foot belt requires just a quarter of the number of stanchions needed with traditional 7.5-foot belt stanchions. This means you can achieve the desired barrier length with significantly fewer posts. The advantages are evident: lower purchase costs, faster setup times, and reduced space requirements for transport and storage. By choosing the SafetyPro 335 Fixed, you can enhance efficiency and optimize your perimeter security.

Long Belt

Durability and Stability for Permanent Queueing

For long-term outdoor use and permanent safety barriers, the SafetyPro 335 Fixed stanchion is the ultimate solution. Its fixed base design allows you to securely bolt it to the ground, creating a robust and durable barrier that can withstand busy environments. Along with the base, the stanchion's robust construction ensures reliable performance even in demanding conditions. With the SafetyPro 335 Fixed, you can create a secure and efficient safety barrier system.

Fixed Bubble

Customization Options for Enhanced Visibility

At Crowd Control Depot, we recognize the significance of visibility for safety barriers. That's why our SafetyPro line of stanchions offers a wide range of customization options to cater to your specific requirements, and the SafetyPro 335 Fixed is no exception. With this product, you have the choice of three high-visibility stock finishes: yellow, red, and orange. These vibrant colors ensure that your stanchion stands out and improves safety by capturing attention. Moreover, we offer an extensive selection of over 30 stock belt colors including fluorescent and stripe options. In addition we have 20 printed safety messages available enabling you to choose the belt design that best meets the needs of you situation. Should these stock options not meet your requirements, we also provide full custom printing capabilities, allowing you to tailor the stanchion or belt to your exact specifications. At Crowd Control Depot, we are committed to providing you with the ultimate crowd management solutions that prioritize visibility and durability to address your unique needs.


In conclusion, the SafetyPro 335 Fixed stanchion is the ultimate choice for creating permanent long run barriers or large cordons. Its extended 35-foot belt reduces the number of stanchions required, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency. With its durable construction, weather resistance, and customizable options, this stanchion offers both functionality and visual appeal. Trust Crowd Control Depot to provide you with top-quality safety stanchions that meet your specific needs and elevate your crowd control operations to new heights.

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