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Cost Effective Solution: QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra

Jake Hoff

Cost Effective Solution: QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra

Introducing the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra, a cost-effective solution for efficient crowd control management. With its innovative extra wide twin belt design, this stanchion offers all the functionality and versatility of our higher priced models without breaking the bank. Designed to prioritize enhanced queue control, belt visibility and affordability without compromising quality, the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra is a truly unique product without peer in the market. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of this high specification, budget-friendly stanchion.

Twin Belts

The QueueMaster Twin 550 and 550 Xtra models are the only economy stanchions available with twin belts. The lower belts prevent customers from ducking under the top belt to bypass the queue. The lower belt also helps keep children in line. The belt configuration is designed so that the lower belt is less than 27” from the floor, this helps visually impaired customers using a cane to detect the barrier and makes this stanchion ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Xtra Wide Belts

The QueueMaster Xtra models feature our exclusive 3” wide belts. These belts provide a 50% larger print surface than the industry standard 2” wide belts. These extra wide belts make a more visible, substantial barrier and are effective in improving line discipline However the real benefit of extra wide belts is the greatly improved visibility they give to printed logos¸ advertising or other forms of communication. A 50% larger print size dramatically increases the visibility and impact of branding. Utilizing the wider belt option allows businesses to effectively capture the attention of customers in the queue and passersby and reinforce their brand presence.

CCD Belt Cassette

Cost Effective Crowd Control Solution

The QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra stands out as a cost-effective solution in queue management, particularly due to its solid concrete base. The QueueMaster base consists of a galvanized steel shell filled with concrete with a decorative cover. Opting for a concrete base over a traditional cast iron one offers significant savings without compromising on stability. This cost-effective alternative ensures long-term reliability, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organizations aiming to optimize budget allocation without sacrificing quality. By prioritizing affordability through innovative design choices like the concrete base, the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra offers a reliable and economical solution for effective queue management. The base also comes with a full circumference floor protector to protect expensive flooring from scuffs and scratches.

QueueMaster base

Customizable Options

Post: The post of the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra comes in three different stock options. Firstly, satin black for all the general queueing purposes. Secondly, satin stainless for a more modern yet elegant look. Lastly, polished stainless for more upscale, luxurious venues. Despite being an economy model the QueueMaster can be customized in any of our 200+ custom powder coat colors.

Custom Belts: The QueueMaster is available with any of our 50+ stock belt options. We have solid colors, stripes, and standard messages. If you don’t find what you want from our stock options, we also provide a custom printing service. Using digital process, we can print an unlimited number of colors so you can have a custom belt color, logo, sponsor branding or even QR codes!

CCD Belt Designs

Slow braking system

With the innovative feature of a slow braking system, the stanchions ensure smooth and controlled belt retraction. Furthermore, this effectively eliminates the risk of accidents or injuries caused by sudden belt ‘snap back’. By prioritizing safety through these advanced features, our stanchions redefine the standards of crowd management, offering peace of mind and efficiency in any setting.

CCD cassete 3inch


The QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra, a cost-effective solution for efficient crowd management with its innovative twin wide belt design. Engineered to prioritize affordability without compromising quality, this stanchion provides an accessible option for businesses and organizations seeking effective queue management solutions. Featuring a solid concrete base for stability and durability, customizable post finishes, and wide 3'' belts for enhanced brand visibility, the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra offers unparalleled benefits at a very affordable price.

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