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Bold, High Visibility Logos : QueueMaster 550 Xtra

Jake Hoff

Bold, High Visibility Logos : QueueMaster 550 Xtra

The QueueMaster 550 Xtra is a truly unique product in the stanchion market. Part of our QueueMaster economy stanchion range, the Xtra model is the only economy stanchion with an extra wide belt for printing bold, high visibility logos and advertising.

Seen all over the US and around the world the QueueMaster is ubiquitous, anyone who has stood in line has probably stood between QueueMasters. Whether it is airports, event venues or retail stores the QueueMaster is the preferred choice because of its cost-effective price point, standard 11’ belt, reliable performance and rugged durability.

To this blend of outstanding features, the QueueMaster 550 Xtra adds the benefit of an extra wide 3” belt making a more visible barrier and allowing logos and branding to be printed 50% larger than on the industry standard 2” belt.

Safety And Precision: Slow Retracting Cassette

The QueueMaster 550 Xtra features a state of the art slow retracting belt cassette, ensuring that the belt retracts at a constant, safe speed. This braking feature prevents any sudden snapbacks of the belt eliminating the chances of injury. Furthermore, the belt also has a locking mechanism to stop it from unhooking from the receiving post. This prevents accidental belt release by customers tampering with the belt. Together, these features enhance the reliability and safety of the QueueMaster 550 Xtra, making it an indispensable tool for effective crowd control.

CCD cassete 3inch

Amplify The Impact Of Your Branding/Message

The QueueMaster 550 Xtra’s extra wide belts offer a significant improvement to branding opportunities and brand recognition. It does this by allowing logos to be printed 50% bigger which means more complex designs can be used as well as increasing the distance the logo is visible at. By increasing the visibility, a passerby may spot the logo and come buy a ticket or product from your store/venue. This increased visibility also aids in directing foot traffic more effectively. By combining superior functional features with enhanced branding capability the QueueMaster 550 Xtra delivers the dual advantage excellent operational performance with the commercial benefit of stronger branding.

Getting The Bang For Your Buck

The QueueMaster 550 Xtra is engineered with a galvanized steel, concrete filled base, offering a robust and cost-effective solution for stability. This sturdy base has an elegant, sloped design and is supplied with a decorative cover. To protect expensive flooring from scuffs and scratches the QueueMaster base is fitted with a heavy-duty rubber floor protector. Stretched around the full circumference of the base this floor protector is more effective than is seen on much higher priced stanchions.

QueueMaster base

Personalized Posts

The QueueMaster 550 Xtra comes in three different finish options: black, polished stainless, and satin stainless. These choices each come with their own benefits to brightening up a room. The black option gives a more professional look whereas the stainless options give a more elegant look to a room. The posts can also be customized with one of our 200+ custom powder coat colors.

Branding For Belts

As previously stated, the key benefit of the QueueMaster 550 Xtra is the branding opportunities presented by its wide belt design. Our in-house printing department can recreate your logo or advertising message on short lead times and at an affordable cost.

CCD Belt Designs


In conclusion, the QueueMaster 550 Xtra stands out as the premier choice for businesses seeking effective, cost-efficient crowd management solutions. Its innovative design, featuring an extra-wide belt and a sturdy concrete base, ensures superior stability, durability, and visibility, making it ideal for a variety of environments from airports to retail spaces. The slow-retracting cassette and secure belt end lock enhance safety and reliability, while the customizable belt and post options provide unmatched branding opportunities. With the QueueMaster 550 Xtra, businesses can optimize foot traffic flow, reduce congestion, and elevate their brand presence, all without compromising on quality or budget. Embrace the future of crowd control with the QueueMaster 550 Xtra – where excellence meets affordability.

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