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Advanced Queue Management : RollerPro Twin 250

Jake Hoff

Advanced Queue Management : RollerPro Twin 250

The RollerPro Twin 250 Stanchion is an advanced queue management solution designed to streamline queue setup in a wide range of settings. Featuring dual retractable belts and a convenient rolling base, this stanchion offers enhanced mobility and reliability, making it ideal for use in airports, banks, retail stores, and event venues. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, while the high-visibility belts and customizable options provide clear guidance for organizing queues efficiently. The RollerPro Twin 250 Stanchion is the perfect tool for maintaining order and improving the customer experience in any environment where efficient crowd management is essential.

Two Belts for More Control

The standout feature of the RollerPro Twin 250 is its twin belt design. The lower belt also stops “Belt Ducking” from adults as well as keeps the children in line. Being less than 27” from the ground the lower belt also provides a guide for the visually impaired using a cane and makes this stanchion ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Two belts also doubles the space available for branding or other promotional messages.

ADA Compliance Sticker

Increased Control

The second key feature of the RollerPro Twin 250 lies in its discreet 6-inch roller base. This base has both functionality as well as aesthetics in mind. The compact roller ensures easy transportation without detracting from the stanchion's sleek appearance. Its innovative design allows for fast, easy reconfigurations of queues to accommodate varying traffic demands without the need to lift heavy stanchions.

Rolling the RollerPro 200

Transporting this stanchion doesn’t get easier either. Simply tilt the post onto the roller and push forward using the post head. The roller does all the heavy lifting as you glide the stanchion wherever you want it to be. This blend of subtle design and practical functionality makes the RollerPro Twin 250 an indispensable tool for versatile and responsive crowd control management.

Rolling the RollerPro 250

Innovative Cassette Design

The cassette of the RollerPro Twin 250 has a built-in slow retract brake mechanism. This feature ensures that when the belt is going back to the cassette it is always at a slow and constant speed. Without a brake the belt would whip back with the potential to cause injury. The end of the belt also has a locking mechanism to prevent it from being unlatched from the spline of the receiving stanchion. The lock prevents unintended belt release whether by accident or tampering.

Cassette image

Aesthetics At the Forefront

The aesthetics of a venue are of utmost importance, since that is the first thing people who are attending your event will see. With ticket or entry queue systems typically being the first interaction customers have at a venue, ensuring the stanchions used blend with the décor is important as they create the customer’s first impression. For this reason we have developed options for customizing the RollerPro Twin 250 from the base up to the belt.

Post Customizations: The stanchion is available in three stock finishes: Black, Polished Stainless, and Satin Stainless. Additionally, there are over 200 custom powder coat colors and a variety of custom metal finishes, including Pewter Nickel, Statuary Bronze, and English Antique. This extensive range of options allows you to tailor your RollerPro Twin 250 to match any decor.

Belt Customizations: The belts are the most often customized part of the stanchion. We have 50 stock belt colors, including high-visibility stripes and safety messages. These options enable you to match the belts with the stanchion color and your décor. If the stock options do not meet your needs, our in-house printing department can produce belts to your specifications, including custom colors, logos, and promotional messages, transforming your queue system into a highly visible billboard that enhances brand recognition.

Stock Colors 2 inch belt
Stock Messages 2 inch belt


The RollerPro Twin 250 is a versatile and innovative solution for efficient queue management, designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in high-traffic environments. With dual retractable belts, a slow retracting mechanism, and a discreet 6-inch roller base, it offers unparalleled mobility, safety, and ease of use. Its extensive customization options for posts and belts allow it to blend seamlessly into any setting or stand out as needed, while the ADA-compliant design with a lower belt provides tactile feedback and prevents unauthorized crossing. The RollerPro Twin 250 is the perfect tool for maintaining order, improving customer experience, and ensuring accessibility in airports, banks, retail stores, event venues, and beyond.

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